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IVAS Advanced Courses 2015

IVAS Advanced Course on Veterinary Laser Acupuncture:
April 24 - 26, 2015, White Hart Hotel, Lewes, UK Flyer Lewes, UK
IVAS Advanced Course on Veterinary Laser Acupuncture:
March, 6 - 8, 2015*, Agriturismo "La Camilla", 20863 Concorezzo, Italy Flyer Italy

Laser acupuncture is much more than treating acupuncture points with laser beams instead of needles. Laser acupuncture is a wonderful combination of two very helpful therapy principles: Acupuncture,  Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT),   RAC- Pulse Control and Ear Acupuncture, completed by the  Perturbative Field Principle.

In the following papers and the PCLAC book the findings of 23 years own experience in Pulse controlled laser acupuncture and ear acupuncture  in veterinary medicine is reported. The possibility of useful combination of laser therapy with traditional acupuncture, ear acupuncture and RAC pulse control to distinguish imbalanced acupuncture points is shown in the following fields:

Acute and chronic brochitis (RAO, COPD), chronic back pain, chronic lameness,  infected tendon sheeth and joint inflammation, purulent sinusitis, degenerative joint diseases, eye conditions, internal diseases like heart, kidneys-, lung-, intestinal diseases, gynaecology and many other fields in horses and dogs. In every indication the acupuncture points I mostly use are introduced.

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A Sample of Papers and Lectures on International Congresses

Basics in Laser Therapy and Laser Acupuncture in Veterinary Medicine
Canine and Equine Ear Acupuncture Maps of Orthopedic-, Organ- and Meridian points (example Heart-meridian)

Acupunture in chronic immunodeficiency

Lamenessdiagnosis and diagnosis of internal diseases by controlled ear acupuncture

Treatment of Psychic and Psychosomatic Diseases in Horses and Dogs by Ear Acupuncture

Treatment of infectios diseases incl. MRSA infections

Treatment of Acute and Chronic Heart Disease in Horses and Dogs by Pure Acupuncture using Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture Concept (PCLAC)

Acupuncture in Emergency Treatment

Therapy of Wound Healing Distubences in Horses with Lasertherapy and Laseracupuncture

Laseracupuncture on Horses with COPD

Acupuncture in Emergency Treatment



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The Holistic Concept of Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture,
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Acupuncture, RAC/VAS Control, Perturbative Field Principle

About the Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture Concept (PCLAC)

Papers and Lectures on International Congresses