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In the PCLAC book I put together all information of my two books if have written in German, “Controlled Acupuncture in Dogs and Horses”, published 2005 and “Controlled Ear Acupuncture in Dogs and Horses”, published 2007. From the first book already about 4000 pieces are sold in Germany in the first 2 years. That made me think this information could also be of interest for English speaking veterinary colleagues too! So I created the new English book.

The book explains in a very easy and understandable way

1.the basic principles of  traditional acupuncture

2.5 Elements

3.8 Priciples

4. All traditional rules like Co- Cycle, Sheng Cycle, Shu- Mo- Treatment, Linked Meridians (or Connected Vessels), Mother- Son- Rule, Midday- Midnight Concept and the principle of the Tendo Muscular Meridians

5.But there is also a lot of very interesting new stuff!!

6.Controlled Acupuncture to find and treat only the imbalanced (active) acupuncture points by RAC/VAS pulse control.

7.The really holistic treatment concept of integrating the “Disturbing Focus Principle” into acupuncture treatment.

8.The integration of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) into acupuncture treatment.

9.Ear Acupuncture in Horses and Dogs. This has never been published before: All the ear points of  each joint, the spinal column, all organs like Liver, Spleen, Uterus, Kidneys etc., all pathways of each meridian on the ear and special ear points for treatment of psychic disorders are shown in more than 24 different photo quality ear maps, each for horses and dogs.

10.The scientific background of acupuncture and LLLT is explained.

11.PCLAC is demonstrated in more than 20 case studies with follow up photos of the patients in nearly every field of veterinary medicine. 

The complete content you can see in the “table of content” pdf.

Reading sample pdf

Table of content  pdf

The book is printed in a high quality A4 hardcover version. It has about 280 pages and contains 138 coloured photos and 59 black/white photos and graphics. The price is 69,-€ for the book + 22,-€ as shipping flat rate, together 91,-€.

How to perchase
The safest and easiest way to get the book is by PayPal. Also if you are not PayPal  member you can click the Pay Pal button and join with a few easy steps. After the transmission your money is on the PayPal account, where it is save. Than I send the book, what should be delivered to your place from 3 days to 1 week. When you are content with the book, PayPal sends the money to my bank account. Than reader and author will be happy !

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