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Over the last 32 years I gave veterinary courses from beginner- to expert level (4 related courses each year) for veterinarians in Germany. Since IVAS congress 2000 in Vienna, I had the chance to give many lectures and courses on international places too: Vienna, Zurich, Dublin, Cambridge, Moskow, Ottawa, Hawaii, Davos, Sao  Paulo, Padua, Barcelona, Utrecht, Salt Lake City, Tampa, Boston, Kopenhagen,  Vancouver, San Diego, Wroclaw, Poznan, New Orleans, Denver, Florence, Edinburgh, Cairns, Australia and  many others.

In February 2020 I gave an International IVAS Course on Pulse Controlled Laseracupunture and Lasertherapy in Horses and Dogs in my hometown in Germany. This course has 12 h IVAS credits. The course was completely recorded inclusive the hands on part in my horse clinic in Melle, Germany and is available now as online course. See the trailer video of this course. This Video Course is available by the following PayPal link.

For order click the PayPal button an insert the amount of 400 EUR. As soon, as you have ordered I send you the links for the course. The link and the course is only for your private use and it is strictly prohibited to copy the course and forwarding the link and the videos to other people. This is under strict control.

Video trailer below.

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