The Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture Concept

TCM is a traditional kind of medicine proved over a period of thousands of years and will be the basic idea of acupuncture forever.

But times have changed, food, environment, work of people and animals, diseases, life and technic have changed.

“Controlled Acupuncture” is the result of development that took place in Europe in the last 60 years in human acupuncture. In the last 25 years I tried to take this new information and these findings and transposed it into veterinary acupuncture. The outcome is what I call:

Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture Concept – PCLAC.

  • The main principle of PCLAC is not only treating a symptom, but treating the whole animal with all the factors that lead to disease
  • PCLAC is a really holistic treatment concept
  • The ear as a mirror of the whole body, is the best known micro system at all
  • Topical Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is added to acupuncture

Can you imagine to check out all relevant aliments going on in an animal within a few minutes?

… to see, that there is a vertebral block at the 7th thoracic vertebra?

… connected with an elbow-dysplasia?

… connected with an arrhythmia of the heart?

… mainly caused (beside others) by a tooth granuloma at the 3rd premolar tooth at the right site of the upper jaw?

… and that the animal is suffering from a Mercury pollution?

Can you further imagine…

… to treat a neglected wound in a foal like this without surgery and antibiotics by only LA? See the pictures!

… to treat a MRSA infection previously treated conventional for 8 month! …without antibiotics? See the pictures!

… to treat a completely cut tendon like this without surgery and antibiotics? See the pictures

… to treat a 27 years old horse with Cushing Disease like this without any drugs?

… to treat an eye injury by a fork like this without surgery and drugs?

… to treat a COPD Horse like this which was previously treated conventional for 10 years! …successfully without any drugs?

This is possible by laser acupuncture or even better by
Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture Concept.

For better understanding of this treatment modality read the full text article in AJTCVM Vol 7, No.1, February 2012